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Welcome to the Advanced LinkedIn Training by Team Corporate Soldiers, where expertise meets innovation in unlocking the true potential of your professional presence.

Why Corporate Soldiers?

Unlocking over 30 years of collective expertise, Corporate Soldiers stands tall with a portfolio of 54 global clients. Our journey has resonated with the top 1% as we’ve become a leading voice among them trusted by senior leaders, VPs, founders and those who dared to bootstrap their success.

At Corporate Soldiers, our DNA is success. We aren’t just trainers, we’re seasoned commanders in the LinkedIn landscape.

What Sets Us Apart

With a team of 20+ dedicated professionals, we’ve spearheaded monumental growth stories—catapulting businesses to a 100x-500x trajectory, grabbing billions of eyeballs and amassing a whopping 200,000+ followers on LinkedIn alone.

Why Choose Us for LinkedIn Mastery?


Tap into insights honed by decades of collective experience.


Witness our track record of turning ordinary into extraordinary.

Leaders' Choice

Trusted by senior leaders, VPs and visionary founders.

Bootstrap Spirit

We know the value of hard work. Our bootstrap mentality has driven us to success and we’re ready to share the secret sauce with you.

54 Global Clients

Join the league of global leaders who trust Corporate Soldiers for their LinkedIn prowess. Your success story is waiting to be written.

30+ Top Voice Amongst the 1% Category

Stand out in the crowd with insights from the top voices of LinkedIn. 

20+ Dedicated Employees

Meet the team behind the magic. Our skilled professionals are committed to your success.

100x-500x Growth

Experience exponential growth. Our methods have turned startups into giants and we're ready to guide you on the same path.

Billions of
Eye balls

Be seen by the world. Our strategies have captured billions of eyeballs. It's time to make your mark on LinkedIn.

2 Lacs LinkedIn Following

Build your tribe. Our methods have garnered a massive following. Learn the art of creating a LinkedIn community.


Join a network of over 300,000 engaged LinkedIn followers.

Your Success, Our Mission

Why settle for the ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Corporate Soldiers is not just a training program; it’s a journey to LinkedIn excellence.

Discover the World of Advanced LinkedIn Training

Join us in mastering the art of LinkedIn influence and impact. Let’s create your success story together.

Corporate Soldiers: Where LinkedIn Mastery Meets Transformational Growth.

Meet Our Visionaries

Get Inner & Outer Support Required To Bring Your Dream Business To Success And Changes Your Word Culture

Meet Our Visionaries

Meet Our Visionaries

Get Inner & Outer Support Required To Bring Your Dream Business To Success And Changes Your Word Culture

Two Visions, One Mission: Your Success

At Corporate Soldiers, Shrey Joshi and Nishant Arora bring expertise, innovation and a shared commitment to transforming businesses. Join us and let your success story be the next chapter in our journey. 

Who are the Participants for Linkedin training

Founders + Senior Leaders    

Navigate the Digital Landscape Like a Boss! 

Our cutting-edge LinkedIn training is designed to improve your strategic presence for senior leaders and entrepreneurs. Acquire the ability to take the lead in the digital realm.

Procurement Team + Department Heads    

In a world driven by connections, empower your procurement team and department heads with the art of networking on LinkedIn. Expand your network, discover new opportunities and fortify your professional.

Middle Management + Lead Gen + Sales Leaders    

Fuel Your Sales Engine with LinkedIn Mastery! 

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform; it’s your sales powerhouse. Equip your middle management and sales leaders with the tactics to generate leads, nurture prospects and close deals that redefine success.

Front-Level HRs + Outreach Managers + Enterprise/B2B Salespeople    

Forge Lasting Connections in the Corporate Arena! 

HRs, outreach managers and B2B sales wizards, learn to craft impactful LinkedIn strategies. Elevate your professional brand.

Management Trainees - Induction Ceremony    

Kickstart Your Career with Digital Proficiency! 

Welcome management trainees, to a LinkedIn journey that
amplifies your professional debut. Build a powerful online presence from day one."

Corporate Trainings Offered

 Top Voice Badge

For Aspiring Influencers and Thought Leaders

Elevate your voice on LinkedIn! 
Our Top Voice Badge training is your ticket to becoming a recognized influencer. Unlock the secrets of captivating content creation and position yourself at the forefront of your industry. Get ready to be heard.


Before: A voice in the crowd.
After: A Top Voice, setting trends and leading discussions.

LinkedIn Power Hour

For Busy Professionals Seeking Maximum Impact

Crunched for time? Our LinkedIn Power Hour is the ultimate productivity hack. Learn to optimize your LinkedIn strategy in just 60 minutes. Efficiency meets effectiveness – because your time is your most valuable asset.


Before: Scattered efforts, minimal results
After: Strategic, impactful and time-efficient LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

For Every Professional Aiming for the Best First Impression 

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital handshake. Let’s make it unforgettable. Dive into our LinkedIn Profile Optimization training and transform your profile into a compelling story. Your first impression just became your best.


Before: A standard profile.
After: A magnetic, professionally optimized LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn VIP Package

For Executives and Decision Makers 

Go VIP on LinkedIn! Our exclusive package caters to executives and decision-makers aiming for elite networking. Unlock the VIP access pass to premium strategies, ensuring you stand out in the C-suite crowd.


Before: Networking in the shadows.
After: VIP status, with access to top-tier connections and opportunities.

LinkedIn Company Pages

For Businesses Ready to Shine on LinkedIn

Your company deserves a spotlight on LinkedIn. 
Our training for LinkedIn Company Pages transforms your business presence. From branding to content strategy, learn to captivate your audience and turn visitors into clients.


Before: A mundane company page.
After: An engaging, influential and client-attracting LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn Company Training

For Teams Ready to Conquer LinkedIn Together 

Teamwork makes the dream work! 
Our LinkedIn Company Training is designed for collaborative success. Equip your team with the skills to amplify your company’s voice, network effectively and collectively drive results.


Before: Individual efforts.
After: Unified team presence, exponentially increasing company influence.

LinkedIn Thought Leadership

For Visionaries Shaping the Future 

Thought leaders don’t follow trends; they set them. 
Our Thought Leadership training guides you in crafting and disseminating impactful ideas. Elevate your industry influence and become the go-to expert in your field.


Before: A follower in the industry.
After: A recognized thought leader, shaping industry conversations.

Transform Your LinkedIn Journey with Corporate Soldiers

Each training is a key to unlocking the full potential of your LinkedIn presence. Join us at Corporate Soldiers and witness the transformation – because your success on LinkedIn starts with the right training.

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